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Golfo Aranci Gommone
Cala Moresca Figarolo Island
Terza Spiaggia Golfo Aranci



4 H

A unique experience within everyone’s reach, which allows you to enjoy the wonderful bays and beaches throughout the Golfo Aranci area, without sacrificing the convenience of having to travel a few miles. Starting from the Stepan pier, the tour allows you to visit, starting from the Third Beach, all the renowned locations on the west side, from Spiaggia Bianca, passing through Cala Sassari, up to Nodu Pianu, and from there you can reach Figarolo and then move to Cala Moresca and immerse yourself in its pristine waters. A fascinating tour dedicated to relaxation.


  1. Stepan Mooring
  2. Terza Spiaggia
  3. Spiaggia Bianca
  4. Cala Sassari
  5. Terrata and Sos Aranzos
  6. Nodu Pianu
  7. Figarolo Island
  8. Cala Moresca
  9. I Baracconi
  10. Stepan Mooring

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