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Tavolara Spalmatore Di Terra
Piscine Molara
Capo Coda Cavallo



6/7 H

A few miles from Golfo Aranci, the starting point of the tour, you reach Porto Istana and the Relitto del Crisso. We go straight to Capo Coda Cavallo for a break, and from here you can easily reach Molara with its swimming pools, so suggestive and full of life that they are perfect for a magical dip. In front of us stands the majestic island of Tavolara with its sheer cliffs, equipped with a marina that allows you to go ashore, before heading to Figarolo and Cala Moresca. A tour that requires a minimum of nautical knowledge but that can give incredible emotions.


  1. Stepan Mooring
  2. Porto Istana
  3. Relitto del Crisso
  4. Capo Coda Cavallo
  5. Piscine di Molara
  6. Tavolara Porticciolo
  7. Tavolara – Spalmatore
  8. Figarolo Island
  9. I Baracconi
  10. Cala Moresca
  11. Stepan Mooring

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